Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I wonder.....

Boy, time flies!! 

Thanksgiving came and went, and now the Christmas tree is up!  Whew!

As I am (once again) "simplifying",...aka, throwing things out......I find myself feeling 'free'!  :o) 

I love the Christmas season, I think because I just love to give people things and see them smile.  :o)  Whatever the case may be,...I am thoroughly enjoying taking my truck full of items to donate knowing that a mother will soon walk in and find exactly what she needs for her kiddos.  :o)

I've been thinking too,.....a lot!

Thinking about what Christmas will be like for a lot of families this year.  I wonder how many parents will miss Christmas with their families all together because they are serving our country somewhere else.  I wonder how many families will go without presents because money is tight.  I wonder how many children will be in the hospital on Christmas day......and then I wonder,....."how can I make a difference"?

For the record, I've started by praying.  I've also donated some extra items that I think someone will find very special.  I'm working on some homemade goodies for friends and neighbors.  And,....I'm helping my son with his annual 'Secret Santa Fund' for the local children's hospital. 

Do you have any other ideas for me?  What do you do for others around this holiday?  I'd love to hear!  :o)